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Modern Zen Architecture

It seems to be a trend to mix traditional concepts with Modern Design. Can have the best of both worlds. Then, it's not a choice of either/or... Can have both!



I think you eluded to the answer to your ephiphany.

To empasize the point though, it was only since the 1990's that independent professional architecture firms started in China. (As one note mentions in the exhibit display). That means that they are probably still undergoing growing pains of establishing a relavent Chinese architectural language as well as building up their resources to support their professional societies.

Could it also be that western magazines and profesional societies pooh pooh their work? (It's certainly the case in the political realm of journalism).

I must say though that I was very impressed by the work displayed, especially the SinoSteel Int'l Plaza bldg.


The statement of "the first independent architecture firm in China" is totally garbled and nonsense. Because before 1990 there were architecture firms in china called design institutes which were run by government or state-owned corporations. So "the first independent" in his claim only means the first private company, unfortunately, which never be comfirmed by any agencies.

Brian Libby

Well excuuuuuuuuuse me!

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