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Regarding 14 Parcels, I stuck a toothpick in and it came out gooey. I think it needs more time in the oven.


I'll be honest I'm a little concerned about the "if we build it, they will come" stance of the 14 parcels project because I really want to see it succeed. I don't want to see some really interesting pieces of architecture sitting empty as the poster child that a bad economy kills thoughtful design. I do applaud the optimism and conviction to move forward and I'm excited to see some in the architectural community fight their way back into action. I hope this inspires people to get off the fences and breath new life into what feels a little like an architectural community on professional life support.


Architecture is definately taking a breather, that's only to be expected given what's happened in the economy which obviously is the engine for real estate.

It will be interesting to see if 14 Parcels gets off the ground, but to me it seems more design exercise than practical and buildable -- I hope I'm wrong.

There are some interesting things going on out there, although few. I noticed Vallaster Corl (Jefferson Condos) is under construction on a very, very clever adaptive reuse of a warehouse turned live/work on 14th and Alberta (developer unknown).

My feeling is that it is these small, inventive projects that will keep architecture alive for the coming years.


Re: "THE WINDOW" - That diagram is in nearly every architectural textbook ever written. Very innovative.


yes...i am sure it has been done by everyone too. how trite to even diagram such an obvious concept? wow.!

eric cantona

if this is going to be as innovative as the players are saying it is, they need to not be putting out faux innovation like "the window". it really makes them look silly, IMO.

i'd rather see diagrams of how a living machine is adapted into the structure, or how they are maximizing the PV array through some new concept, or something new and exciting that is truly unique to this project. "the window" is really old news.


Actually, the diagram in all of the text books shows the arrow turning red as it convects back to exit.... so there's an innovation. A good idea- but really just a floating, disjointed bit of syntax.


Eric you seem like a pretty bright guy, so you would understand that not all clients understand the simple concept(s) shown here. Why Brian chose to put that particular diagram in his post is his own business, i am sure it was not to be derogatory to a bunch of astute architects and hobby designers. I am sure the person that created it was not thinking they were coming up with the meaning of green architecture. Do you, are we just trying to be asses?

eric cantona

from the OSC website accompanying the diagram:

"The Window: part PV panel, part light shelf, part sun shade, the Window concept for the OSC is one example of a design that, with further research, could yield a successful integrated economic development strategy for the regional building industry."

i'm OK with explanatory graphics for complicated concepts, but to pawn them off as something more than what any architect steeped in sustainable thinking would consider rudimentary design is a bit disingenuous.

i'm not trying to be an ass, i just expect more from the team because of the importance of this project.


Eric, I don't think the architects would have picked this diagram to be posted on a blog supposedly focused on architecture. I also don't think the diagram is completely accurate of how the components would work together, but they do do something - they show an architectural element. You see it as a rudimentary idea, which it is at its core, but I would suggest to clients and a layperson it is a whole lot bigger, it demonstrates one of many ways to use integrated systems. Can't say there are many projects - if any - that employ this complete strategy here in Portland? Seems parts and pieces end up on the chopping block.
The one thing we forget about the OSC is that it has to be shown to a larger audience (not clients, maybe politicians, industry leaders that the elements (architecture) can create market growth, and possible job creation by bringing these elements to a bigger market through projects like this. Companies, such as Benson Industries, SolarWorld and others working together as one example.

eric cantona


i'll make a couple of points, then drop this. it's getting tiresome.

one, there are many windows like this in Portland and throughout the world. it is not groundbreaking stuff.

two, as i tried to say before i have no problem with anyone "dumbing down" these concepts for the layperson. what i do have a problem with is this team passing it off as something unique to this project. it's not. and it makes them look ridiculous to their peers. go back and read the line i quoted. it drips with professor-speak, and lacks any real information.


eric. good stuff - I wish all projects had this in their strategy. The diagram is not attractive or well articulated - honestly it looks like crap, but I don't play down the relevance - again ask Brian - why did he put here? If anyone he is the one playing down your intelligence not the person or team that created it since it has been extracted from the context. Again, sorry I didn't read anywhere in the quote where the team says this is unique or revolutionary - it seems you are projecting your own thoughts onto this out of spite. And really no substance in your observation other than you have seen this done before - bravo you are educated. again few if any buildings in Portland have all of those components(.) Look around the world sure - then bring in the cost to value of energy and tax base of those other places and you will find these strategies - again does not give much credence to statement other than to focus on yourself.

eric cantona

very tiresome.


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Can they start teaching grammar in Architecture School?

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