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Yes, a Velodrome please.


how about something that serves more than just a handful of people? maybe something that actually brings lots of people there to activate the area, rather than yet another use that does nothing to help fix the area?

Rosanne Sachson

Would really like to know when there will be another tour.....especially with some advance notification I bet there would be many coming out to support all the efforts for preservation....Please don't wait to long and strike while the iron is hot!


I went to TODAY'S TOUR but sadly i was the only one there.
I came back home and reread your article and it did say Tuesday but it arrived in my email in box TODAY, Wendsday, bummer for me.


My Dad told me a story how when he and my Mom were newlyweds, back when the Coliseum was BRAND NEW, they were driving from their home in Tacoma (they met in the Army @ Ft Lewis) to Portland...
As they rounded the bend on Highway 99 (Interstate Avenue) approaching the Broadway Bridge they encountered an unforgettable sight that cool modern glass structure, the Memorial Coliseum. So one day as I drove south on Interstate I looked for what he was talking about and it is indeed a a striking vista. Imagine seeing that for the first time! Nowadays it's "nothing spectacular" to paraphrase some people, but frankly I feel they simply lack an eye for the subtle, simple beauty of our landmark and the imagination to see the possibilities...

And while I'm @ it (LOL) can't we somehow find a way to keep the Beavers in Portland? I actually kinda like the idea of relocating them to Beaverton, as they are in the very early stages of exploring. And this is coming from someone who grew up in PDX but only attended 1 Beavers game in my entire life. Still, I guess I'm just sentimental...


According to Steve Brown, the man with the idea for using the MC as a velodrome ( a bikeportland thread comment he posted):

"The track in the rendering has been raised to put the rail at street level. All renderings were done to print, meaning a 200M track fits as depicted. The city has already supplied us with the drawings of the building. With a reasonable amount of portable seating a track with these dimensions can host a crowd of 3000. The track actually rests on the second level of seating, not the floor. Using the floor only allows for a 167M track. Plans for the lower level are open. What is shown is a depiction of generic use of the open space." Steve Brown

That seating capacity would be a huge reduction from the MC's current seating capacity.

Baseball out in Beaverton might be fine, but in yesterday's Oregonian, one possible site suggested for the stadium was the land formerly occupied by the Westgate Theatre. I think that particular location would be detrimental to Beaverton's chances of ever linking together the urban and community centers it has into a cohesive downtown. It's bad enough having two major roads split the town. A huge stadium plopped right in the middle of these centers would seem to split it even further. Perhaps a little further west would be better..just west of Cedar Mills Crossing.

John Horvick

Thanks for letting folks here know about the event. The Oregonian has a story out today about the tour.



i went. just read the oregonian article on the tour. wow, talk about spin! The author made it sound as if all 50 of the attendees were unmoved by the rhapsodizing of the two guides (GM of Oregon Arena Management, and VP of the Trailblazers) over the Memorial's architecture. Such was not the case. Just another example of how out of touch the Oregonian is. Nearly all of us were excited about the prospects.

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