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eric cantona

a seagull pooped on my shoulder during the first hals of the '77 NASL final. other than that it was epic.

the '97 match against Costa Rico (Ramos!!!) ranks up there as well.

can't wait to see what becomes of a baseball-free civic stadium. hopefuly Paulson can find some DESIGNERS to help Ellerbe Crappet. they are bloody-fooking-awful.

eric cantona

has anyone seen any plans/drawings of the proposed renovations? we've all seen the colored rendering for the original MLS2PDX push (with the "land of the rising sun" field), but i have to believe that there are more concrete plans SOMWHERE. would love to get a gander at those.

maybe some architecture blogger could find them and post them somewhere...


I have a question regarding seating capacity. I believe for years the stadium held around 27,000. The crowds for the Timbers in the 1970's and for Soccer Bowl I recall had temporary bleachers set up to seat the 33,000 to 35,000 fans.

Then when the remodel was done to make it into PGE Park a few years ago I thought the capacity was closer to 25,000. However last week when the Sounders played the Timbers they announced it as a sell-out - of around 16,000.

Does anyone know the hard-figures for total seating capacity current and proposed?


Jeff...wikipedia has an article on PGE Park...says: "Baseball / Soccer: 19,566... Concerts: 23,136".

10,000 more people in there must make it very cozy.


I believe that the official capacity is somewhere around 20k, but as Merritt stated before the Timbers-Sounders match, and if you were there and experienced it for yourself, anything beyond 15K is extremely taxing to the stadium's infrastructure. That is why the ticket sales were capped at 16K for the game - they had to turn people away on gameday, but most of these folks ended up staying and watching the match from up on the plaza along 18th Ave. anyway. Part of the reason why the separation of baseball and soccer is needed is to allow for the much needed infrastructure expansion to accommodate larger crowds. You can't simply add extra seats and expect to provide a quality fan experience with the infrastructure currently in place. I was at the Mariners vs Beavers exhibition game a few years back, and it was practically impossible to get to concessions or to a bathroom. Think sardines in the seats, and salmon trying to swim upstream in the concourses. :)

I haven't seen any updated plans either, but I'm sure they are right around the corner. The last that I heard, and I may be wrong, but i believe that the proposed seating capacity is supposed to be somewhere in the 23-26k range, with updated infrastructure to accommodate those numbers. Can't wait to see what is being proposed!


I rarely read Jack Bog's blog, but, not a lot to do today so...there's an article: 'New stands at PGE Park will be uncomfortable' with some things that caught my interest. The article is mainly reader Peter Apanel's thoughts rather than Bog's.

Among other things he notes: In his opinion... the seats will be too narrow and too close together; a roof is planned for those seats that isn't necessary; additional urinals are planned (what about the girls !), but not enough to accomodate additional hoped for attendance.

He explains those concerns in more detail than I have here.


Hey I recall seeing one of the best baseball players of all time
there ,Ichiro!
Oh and a note to the Designers , I won't go to sports events , if the seats are 16 inches wide.... Surely , Commish Randy understands the 'width issue'


There are supposed to be the plans for the remodel:

What concerns me the most is the plan to eliminate the open gate on 18th and add a roof to the new stands along 18th. I really think it would be unfortunate to go back to the old days when we had a big ugly wall on 18th.

If room for new concessions stand is needed, then fence off the entry plazas on both sides of the stadium. IIRC the Angels in Anaheim do something along this this.


I have great memories of seeing aging stars Luis Tiant and Willie Horton at the stadium c.1980 along with an up and coming Tony Pena - all the while wearing one of those stylin'plastic novelty batting helmets!

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The crowds for the Timbers in the 1970's and for Soccer Bowl I recall had temporary bleachers set up to seat the 33,000 to 35,000 fans.


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