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What moron got the great idea to replace the old capital building instead of restoring it? The one we have now is so ugly.


agreed...the current capital seems so dated for some reason...although it's the loss of the last two structures that kills me the most...ugh


I used to not like the current capital building but I've grown to appreciate; such a simple, clean design. The gold statue on top is kind of pushing things, but it's o.k.. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of buildings related in appearance to the old capital building..or am I wrong?

Portland High School: What would be the possibility today, of building a structure to look like that (including the steeple) that met modern safety standards and requirements? If a building design can be art, it certainly seems like that one is.


The original State Capitol burned to the ground. Probably beyond restoration.

The last building pictured is Villard Hall. It is still standing, although one facade is now covered by two later additions.


Also, that capitol building looks like any other. I like the current one. It is different, iconic, of its time, etc.

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