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I'm glad that you saved the Colisem from being bulldozed but the community needs your help to put together a viable business plan for the future of the building. Otherwise we'll be in the same spot in a few years. Unfortunately the answer isn't to compete against the Rose Garden as an arena. Sucking revenue from the RG (a building that while ugly, portland got a great deal on with Paul Allen picking up the majority of the cost) isn't the way to make this work.

Brian Libby


Thanks for the kind words.

I absolutely agree that the Coliseum needs a plan that complements the Rose Garden arena and does not compete with it.

But I think that definitely can happen.

In the weeks ahead, our Friends of Memorial Coliseum group will be working with city leaders and the Trail Blazers to help articulate the best win-win situation that enhances the overall Rose Quarter development while preserving the Coliseum's architecture.


At last night's Pink Martini/Oregon Symphony concert, Thomas Lauderdale pointedly announced that the band will perform a concert celebrating Oregon's sesquicentennial at Memorial Coliseum (which he called one of the city's best buildings, or words to that effect) in August.
I guess the threat of extinction has resulted in needed attention. As Joni sang in that song about paving paradise, you don't know what you've got till it's gone. Maybe the silver lining to the threat will be a viable new plan for the Coliseum and the whole stagnant, badly planned Rose Quarter.

Douglas K.

I don't see how the Coliseum could be real competition with the Rose Garden. Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, Hannah Montana, or a future NHL team won't even look at the Coliseum: it's too small. Conversely, smaller concerts (those projected to sell 6000 to 10,000 tickets) and minor league teams aren't likely to book the cavernous Rose Garden; who wants to perform or play in front of banks of empty seats?

Brian's right: the two venues can complement one another by simply leaving the Coliseum to book B-list acts, political rallies and minor league/community sports.


Although I believe that saving the Memorial Coliseum was a horrible decision, I sincerely hope that everyone who attends the parade there has a great time and they get a chance to enjoy the architecture which has been preserved for the time being.

Ken Bauer

I find it laughable that some are selling the open curtain Coliseum as some sort of incredible thing when hardly any event was ever held without the curtain in place. So all of a sudden are events going to be held to take advantage of this? I doubt it. On the Rose Garden, i find it to be a wonderful design, especially the roof, that is underrated design wise. But like all art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Glass Bubblers

Nice work and very very good architect....I love Memorial Coliseum and loving the people here

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