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That's great, as a lot of the 1920's through 1940's apartment complexes in Portland were built like that - around courtyards.

What I think would be even better than this design, would be to make the courtyards gardens, like many of the existing courtyard-centered apartments in Portland. This would fit with Portland's Climate Change plan by allowing residents to grow food for themselves, plus giving some common space for residents to spend time in together, to be landscaped and be a beautiful space right out their front doors.

If I were to live in a place like that, I wouldn't want the courtyard to be driving space, I'd want it to be living space.


while cute , courtyard housing
is a fire containment problem
and a police nightmare. While Commissioner oversight is at hand I hope he asks Fire and Police Authorities what they think.
Otherwise we are in for some more million dollar liabilty lawsuit fun.

Eric Cantona

babies and bathwater, billb.

if you think that the COP will not have due diligence on health/life/safety issues, then you haven't dealt with BDS in the last twenty years. or the City's attorney.

short answer on the fire issue, if it IS an issue, is sprinklers.

would love for you to document/legitimize the law enforcement issue.


when I imagined the 'courtyard' competition, the idea that cars would be crossing through the courtyard never crossed my mind.

How terribly disappointing.

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