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Additional equity points
Financing this project with taxes on ticket sales and other related services puts those events and services further out of reach of low-income citizens. If the city is financing a sports arena project there should be a mechanism by which low-income youth could attend more events, potentially organized through the public school system but funded privately.

The idea of extending the Interstate URA into this area is another insult to the residents of North Portland. Declaring this multi-million dollar sports complex built in 1995 “blighted” and deserving of more millions in tax dollars could be laughable, but parents in North Portland are sending their children to overcrowded elementary schools like Chief Joe and Jefferson High School’s facilities have been chronically under funded, so these URA development priorities are not just risky investments, they could further damage our livability.


This is getting ridiculous. Preserving a stadium for the sake of keeping it around doesn't help anyone. If a good use can be found for the MC, I'm all for it. Maybe 1/2 the effort put towards saving the MC could be applied on finding regular uses for it so that the building can, actually, sustain itself.

Sean Keller

Old stadiums probably don't run very efficiently compared to new ones and might not offer the community everything they need. I support preserving the stadium but you might want to make sure that you're not making it harder to run because its so old. Also, a new "sustainable stadium" done the right way could put people to work and could be a beacon for sustainable recreation.

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