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ken bauer

I always felt they should play without the curtain. Always thought it looked cool when they had it down for walkthroughs. Without the curtain it is a rather cool looking building. Saw many a concert & quite a few Blazer games there. Not enough though. It was way too small for Basketball.


Today's editorial in the Oregonian is spot on:

Demolishing the MC for a minor league baseball team that has never done well in my lifetime (37 years) is not wise.

I know we are fighting one thing at a time but has anyone heard what Paulson plans to do to PGE Park? We've only seen vague watercolors. I had heard he plans to remove the see-through gate on 18th and replace it with concessions and bleachers. If this is the case, he will destroy the best part of PGE Park's recent renovation. Being able to see the action inside PGE Park from the street or a Max train brings a certain amount of transparency to the ball park, just like the glass cube does to the MC.

Like I said, it's hard to flight more than one battle at a time. I am just concerned that under the cover of darkness Paulson will manage to ruin the few redeeming qualities of PGE Park.


Use the glass-all-the-way-to-the-top MC design for the replacement building If the MC absolutely must come down.

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