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You will also see there is a public meeting tomorrow night (April 16) from 6-8pm at the Leftbank Building (240 North Broadway)


Does anyone know what this means????

There is a public notice posted in the DJC today regarding a proposed exemption from competitive bidding process for "improvements at PGE park and a new public improvement, a Triple-A baseball stadium in the Rose Quarter of Portland, potentially at the present location of Memorial Coliseum..."

The notice also says the project is "estimated to cost $88,695,000, for designing, engineering, managing, and constructing the Triple-A stadium and the renovation of PGE Park."


NYC letting Penn Station be torn down was one of the dumbest moves that city has ever made. Eminently more grand than the memorial coliseum, the MC is still a design worth keeping around. The kicker to the Penn Station loss was the piece of crap that replaced Penn Station that the city continues to live with to this day. Is this Portland's future for the Memorial Coliseum site?

Here's an alternative thought I always like to consider when big forces want to dispense with a long standing work of great architecture. Is it possible to build the intended new structure within the exterior of the existing or re sited, reconstructed and enlarged existing design? Put that triple A baseball stadium inside a MC glass curtain enclosure with an open-close roof? Sure it can be done, but the folks that want to tear down the MC probably wouldn't like such an idea. No, they'll probably want something, anything...that doesn't look like the MC.


I meant the meeting is April 14th (not the 16th). That is tomorrow night from 6-8pm at the Leftbank Building (240 North Broadway)


The DJC seems to suggest it will be design-build project delivery, as cheap as it gets. This will not be a fitting replacement for the MC.


I'm sorry but I kind of feel like the child in the fairy tale of the emperor with no clothes - can't everyone see, the building is ugly!


Johnson...I feel your pain...I don't get it either...this is the architects' equivalent of a fanboy tantrum...the rest of us just have to stand out of the way until it's over :-)

Brian Libby

Johnson and Scott, just because you don't possess the same knowledge about design and history doesn't mean this is some kind of elitist effort. I've received countless people from all walks of life expressing interest in the Coliseum being preserved. Some of the general public has not yet formed an appreciation for modern and contemporary architecture. But many, many educated and enlightened people have.

And even if YOU don't see the design mastery in Memorial Coliseum, doesn't it give you pause that huge organizations like the National Trust have come out in favor it its preservation? Or are they at the Trust not appropriately Homer Simpson-like in their sensibilities?


I know a lot more about design than you do, have an architecture degree and practiced for the last twenty years so don't point your finger at me. Just because all of the lemmings are jumping off the cliff doesn't mean that I want to take a grand dive as well. I am simply pointing out that the building is ugly - I have always felt that way and nothing that my peers do to urge me to change my mind will.

Brian Libby


I apologize for not realizing you were a trained architect. You probably do know more about architecture than I do.

Just not in this case.


You are allowed to have an opinion, just don't call me an idiot because I have one....

eric cantona

this squabble betwix Brian and Johnson reminds me of that joke...

q - what do you call the guy who finishes last in his med school class?

a - doctor.

being an architect does not in any way mean you have taste. look around at some of the garbage being built in our very own city.


I think the point of the above posts is that taste is subjective...just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they are wrong...it just means you have different taste...neither of which is wrong or bad. I think the fact is that some people on this forum seem to insinuate that theirs is the ONLY CORRECT opinion, and that anyone who disagrees is a knuckle-dragging simpleton...they seem unable to accept that there are ALOT of people who don't care for the MC...they simply dismiss them as "uneducated" and "unenlightened"


Good post - Eric, next time I see you, I'm going to give you a big hug...


'Subjective' (thanks, Scott)is right. I don't like the looks of the newer Rose Garden Arena, but apparently some people think it looks good. I wish instead of that swoopy stucco turtle shell, they'd designed something cool and classy, inspired by the Memorial Coliseum's design.

I could see Audrey Hepburn's character from Breakfast at Tiffany's(black dress, hair up, long cigarette holder) over at the MC, but not at the RG arena. The RG arena is like something Hanna-Barbara drew up for the the Flintstones.

I had to laugh, reading letters to the editor in the Oregonian today. One letter writer was dismayed to note that every illustration for a baseball stadium on the coliseum's site had the seats facing away from the river and the westside cityscape. I wouldn't have thought much about it if I hadn't earlier read the post on another thread here about baseball rules requiring that home plate be set facing southeast (think I got that right). So there's another good reason not to have a ballpark on that site; can't take advantage of the great view from inside the building.

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