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Thanks for publishing this letter.

The third paragraph from the bottom (starting with "In light of community support") is a duplicate, just fyi.


Agree with all the pleas for preserving the memorial Coliseum. But on another note, with the goal of further establishing Portland's civic foundations, is it really in the city's best interest to go the direction erecting sports arenas?

Granted, many cities in recent years have built expensive multi-arena sports districts right beside their downtowns as a way to apparently attract the masses and feed the nearby sports bars and other related businesses.

I would rather Portland grow in the direction of other great civic-minded cities with new art museums, history museums, botanical gardens, performance halls, etc. Sure, we have a sampling of each of these, but the most culturally enriching cities in America and around the world value their past civic institutions, but continually grow new ones as their cities grow in population and size.


I appreciate the appeals based on the unique architecture. I really do.

At the same time, the city has already spent over a decade trying to find a VIABLE alternative, and nothing has panned out (including the four proposals mentioned in this letter). In the meantime the building is literally falling apart and the city is racking up huge losses every year on this redundant facility.

And I like how people frame the sustainability argument in a way that meets their needs. What about the colossal waste of space and transportation infrastructure in the Rose Quarter? Doesn't it make far more sense to take a district that accomodates 10-20k short term visitors and restructure it for year round event use?

So while you are writing up your letters of protest to the city council, I would humbly request that you come up with a better alternative than "save the building because we're into sustainability, and forget the Portland Beavers".


"Year round event use" will not be the result of another stadium that get used 40 days out of 365. Memorial Coliseum wiped out a vibrant entertainment neighborhood. Rose Quarter tried to create an entertainment district and failed (how many restaurants and clubs closed after the first year?). Now we're going to try again with a two week rush to approve the promises of an economic model based on the same principles of the past decade that find us with 12% unemployment.


The Community Sports Center is a fine proposal for the building , that is quite poular with all I speak with. It is a 365 day a year use , and involves more folks than just the BBall fans , who will NOT be here 3/4 of the year.

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