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Don Arambula

Now is the time to be cautious and not overly enthusiastic. The cynical side of me says that is merely an means to gain development approval. There has been no guarantee to keep the arena, rather Mayor Adams agreed to only to study the possibility of development of a stadium adjacent to the Coliseum. A quick look at two well regarded minor league stadiums in Memphis (two blocks from Beale Street entertainment district) and Buffalo confirms my suspicions that there is not enough site area for a field and seating. The proposed site north of the Coliseum is approximately 425' x 500'. The Memphis site is conservatively 600' x 550' while the Buffalo site is conservatively 575' x 575'.

Brian Libby

Great point, Don. We need to remain vigilant. If we're half-celebrating at the rally today, it's because we also feel it's worthwhile to commend Mayor Adams and City Council for at least giving us this chance. If the Coliseum turns out not to be saved after all in this Rose Quarter plan, we will resume our efforts to save the building and lobby City Council relentlessly.


To be true, we need to stay the course and continue to lobby City Council with the utmost endurance and rigor. Keep the pressure on to do what is right and make smart decisions under the consensus of the public. Although, I do pause for a moment and reflect with sadness that lines have been drawn. This is not about soccer fans vs. MC supporters any more than it is soccer fans vs. hockey fans or any other support. We need to build a City with sports and entertainment choices for ALL its citizens. Collaborative design and planning is what Portland is all about...creating places where people want to be!

Douglas K.

Vote on stadium probably will be delayed again.

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