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Stuart Emmons has to be Portland's most thoughtful architect.


What he said!

I wonder if the lack of appreciation of the elegant simplicity of these buildings is another symptom of the dumbing down/brashing up of an anti-intellectual consumer culture.


Modern architecture is often more affected by poor maintenance and disrepair then other styles of architecture. In other words, a sagging porch is more harmonious on a Tudor Cottage than on Fallingwater.

There is also a disturbing, Soviet-esque irony to large-scale modern structures, like worlds fairs, in poor condition. Though Memorial Coliseum has not fallen to this lost utopia level, I feel it could really benefit from a sensitive renovation, particularly focused on enhanced natural and artificial lighting and adding other natural elements.


I think PDXers would be mighty proud of the MC if it was brought back to its original condition (or better). Unfortunately the lack of TLC, both physically and contractually, has made it easy for the non-architecture fan to give it a, "meh".

This building, renovated both physically and contractually, would be a glassy/classy gem for the whole West Coast. Properly spiffed up, it could be hosting the occasional $1000/seat event.

Along with the living building effort, let's make this renovaton a PDX-style "lead the world in green inovation" project. It would create jobs, which I know is a major concern for the city, but they would be "smart/green" jobs. The training construction workers would need in these areas would create more jobs.

All this said regarding the MC, I do want to see the Live! and Rose Quarter (in general) efforts succeed. With all the unsavory practices noted from previous Live! projects, and contractually prevented from happening here, this could possibly become an exception to the Live! rule.

PS Hey Nike, think about including a LAIKA portion to your proposed Live! component. Mix some creative with the competitive and broaden your appeal.


durability is a first characteristic of sustainability. lets face it the Rose Garden arena, and the surrounding "master planning" has killed this area. Some psuedo entertainment district will not invigorate the area. What is needed is mixed use that does not serve the mass automobiles to arrive for a game once a week, but rather an anchor that is 7 days a week and the arena and MC serve as backdrops to. The concept by Doub Obletz has all the opportunity of turning the MC into a venue packed with not only pro-events, but also regional and national conferences in various sports giving diversity and exposure to the area to promote growth and revenue. MC is a gem - the classic box over the bowl. The bowl has been perfected probably since Roman times, it is always up to the enclosure. Look how uninspiring the Rose Garden is in that regard - why tear down the MC, when the replacement will likely be as inspiring as the Rose Garden...

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