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Douglas K.

Adams took a beating from constituents during Columbia River Crossing negotiations for yielding to Vancouver's desire for a 12-lane bridge. So the mayor decided to back to being the Sam Adams we know: trying to make things happen.

So he folds on one, stands up to fight on the other, and manages to get it wrong both times. Not exactly inspired decisions for a guy who may face recall in a couple of months.


so uh, just curious, but does anyone know which firm is doing the design for the new ballpark on the MC site? seems to be the elephant in the room if it's a local office.


hey now. I've been calling dibs on first shot for a while. hey brian, if you find anything out email me first, wink wink.

can you imagine the rush thats going to happen? this city is dead!

-unemployed eleven months now. wow, it actually hurts to think that-starting to get desperate. hey, had to try, give me a break.



Ellerbe Becket's name was on some of the sketches shown Tuesday night.


i think i read about HOK in one article...


@DC, Anon:

It's irrelevant without a decent plan for the district. MC should not be torn down until a viable plan is in place for the Rose Quarter. And by viable, I do not mean the stuff that Cordish is known for.

Brian, before we start talking about architects for the various venues, seems some more focus on the (lack of a) plan for the area is needed. I'd show up tomorrow night to say it myself but cannot.

Keep up the good work. All we need is a timeout right now.


Looks like we got our timeout. Adams is delaying the vote a week.

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A baseball team plays in a stadium that holds 50000 spectators.?
With the ticket price at $9 the average attendence has been 19000. When the price dropped to $6, the average attendence rose to 25000. Assume that attendence is linearly related to ticket price.

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