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Bri , forget that punk , we got Blount , who will now , miracles of miracles , come off mean ol suspension.... Masoli for the Heisman , Duckies win the Nat Title!

Scott Mizée

Great post. Thanks for writing about this. I have been watching this project for many years now and did not know UO was doing a studio on it right now.

Tom Osdoba

Goats would be far more viable, though smaller scale milk production (maybe very fine cheese). But it would also be able to draw revenues by renting the goats out to help deal with landscaping challenges, e.g., controlling ivy and other invasives, munching on public realm areas, etc. In Seattle, King County is bringing them in from farms for this purpose now; very successfully.

On a broader point, great to see this, and we should seek to really elevate our aspirations for this site. It has lots of challenges, which should inspire great designers. Done right, though, it can change the conversation about what happens throughout CEIN.

Finally, as a public market venue, interesting idea that will confront the lack of people living close by. It could easily orient to river, which would be great. More challenging to make easily accessible from east, though a great design opportunity to create ways to bring people down from higher grades. Also, should consider ability to have a rail spur for transporting WV produce in daily. Imagine the hive of activity that could create on site.

All this would take significant public investment for the infrastructure and public realm. However, the site could probably handle enough density to make it pencil.

Frank Dufay

As someone who's been serving on the Burnside Bridgehead Citizen's Advisory Committee for the last couple of years, I think the committe members would love to see this stuff. Is it still available for viewing?

I'm very disappointed we weren't told about this event. Was PDC involved with it?

Thanks for sharing it on your blog though.

Brian Libby

Excellent point, Frank. Suenn Ho at Mulvanny G2 should be able to help facilitate that, or email me at [email protected] if you need additional help.

Also, just generally to readers, I'm sorry for only posting twice this week, but I'm unusually swamped with some other writing deadlines and plan to return to a more frequent posting schedule next week.

eric cantona

"other writing"??? what the hell for? don't you make untold $$$$millions from this blog???

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Pictures inside the new UO athlete learning center are now posted online. To see them use the Google blog search with keywords "university of oregon alc".

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