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Brain: I truly appreciate you taking the time to delve into the career and many projects in which Saul Zaik was the guiding hand on design and execution not to mention his love of competitive skiing, mostly at Mt. Hood with his buddy and colleague George McMath. I had the pleasure of working with Saul on a few projects while the firm was called Zaik/Miller/DiBeneditto; Vista House and the Shore Acres State Park Visitor’s Center south of Charleston, Oregon. In all cases Saul was the architect’s architect with a great dedication to the client and the outcome of the work. There was never any ego at stake or points to be hammered on, just good fun and chatter about architecture and its intent and unintentional consequences! Saul has some great stories about Portland architect Herman (Tear-it-Out) Brookman who turned Saul onto many projects and was a influence on Saul’s sense of classical architecture and it’s details and materials. The stories about his dinner in Portland with Michael Graves, Pietro Belluschi and John Storrs is a treasure trove of insight in which Belluschi nailed Graves for the design of the Portland Building. Saul has a good grasp of the profession, its past and future and with the recent passing in the last few years of George McMath, Benny DiBeneditto and John Storrs, Saul is not just the energizer bunny but a survivor. I’ve asked Saul when he plans to retire so he and his wife, Chris, can travel and enjoy life. His answer is never, they’ll find me sprawled out over my drafting table! I’m looking forward to our next project together!


Saul Zaik's work is timeless - thank you for taking the time to share this story and images with us. we should be proud to have his work as a part of our history in Portland - the challenge for our younger designers is to maintain that inspiration and beauty.

stewart mccollom

There is a little gem of a house Saul did in Ashland long after he had moved on from doing private homes. He did it for an old friend!!!

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