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Amy Sabin

Hi Brian,
It's not a Springsteen concert, but it is a fundraiser for two after-school programs for homeless youth. Street of Eames actually saved one program and started another.

All ticket sales go directly to support the programs. I know not everyone out there is going to the tour for this reason, but we can all feel good about where our money is going during this economically challenging time. The best fundraisers are the kind that the donors really enjoy. Kudos to the brilliant ladies and mom's behind Street of Eames. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to support their cause.


"ladies and mom's" in case the two are mutually exclusive? lol

I believe the Giulietti/Schouten house on Hewitt was remodeled (and almost doubled in size) by an architect and his interior designer wife in the 90's.

see: http://brettschulz.com/residential/hewett/

Amy Sabin

I've never thought of ladies and moms as being mutually exclusive, but that's one way to read my comment. ;)

Jeff Joslin

I second Amy's emotion. The purpose is pure, and the need has never been greater. The effort is entirely volunteer, all or nearly all of the expenses are donated, and thus the funds are truly going to the right place for the right reasons. The opportunity to visit these ensembles, while giving to so efficiently administered and worthy a cause, is icing on the cake.


Yes, a worthy cause, but slightly ridiculous. I am a student. I don't have any income and probably wont when I graduate (see DJI). So spread the love, make it something design students can afford.

Brian Libby

Gang, I totally agree that this is absolutely a worthy cause. It is my sincere hope that Street of Eames sells all 1,000 of its tickets at the $40-50 price, and given that demand for these tickets has to my knowledge outweighed availability in all three of the first three years, it only makes sense to raise prices as they did. I was only joking when I made the Springsteen reference, of course (and dating myself along the way).


Mongoose, check out http://www.11xdesign.com/.

It's a FREE home tour this Saturday.

Brian Libby

Actually, DC, the 11xDesign tour is Saturday the 21st - NEXT Saturday.

Andrew McCartor

Slight Correction: The first building pictured (by Bill Church) is not actually a home, but rather a community event space. I grew up in that small community, in which there are about 14 homes all designed by Bill Church. They are all beautiful passive solar homes. The building pictured is called the "community building" and plays host to potluck dinners, community meetings, and the like. It is worth a stroll through this beautifully designed community.


Now that the Eames tour has sold-out, I'd like to invite everyone, including those who could not get tickets for the Eames tour, to check out the 11th Annual Kitchen Revival Tour put on by the Architectural Heritage Center. The tour is the same day as the Eames tour, April 18th from 10-4. This year there will be nine homes on the tour covering all periods from the 1890s to the late 1950s. Of special note to mid-century fans may be the two 1950s -era homes we have on the tour this year - one of which is still occupied by the original owner and includes original furnishings built specifically for the house. The Pittock Mansion will also be on this year's tour. The cost: $25 for the general public, $20 for AHC members. Visit www.visitahc.org for more information. Proceeds from this program help the AHC continue to offer education programs, like upcoming lectures on Morris Whitehouse, A.E. Doyle, and John Yeon. The AHC is owned and operated by the Bosco-Milligan Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Thanks!

Brian Chung

Could someone tell me the original cost of the SOE tickets this year? I'm planning on buying two...the person selling wants $75 and I'm wondering how much of a premium this person is asking.
Thanks in advance!

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