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Just to clarify, above you say that for most of this decade more people have moved out than moved into Multnomah County. I think the important qualification there was this, from the article:

"For most of the past decade, more tax-paying people left Multnomah County to live elsewhere than moved in."

As the PSU Population research estimates show, Multnomah County has seen steady growth in this decade, year after year. (http://www.pdx.edu/media/p/r/PRC_2007_Population_Report2_rev.pdf - 2008 numbers are out, but the 2008 report doesn't show the last several years like this report does)

In regards to a tidal wave in the metro area or not, depends on how you look at the stats.

A little outdated, but check out this link from last year:

This shows numerical and percentage growth from 06 to 07 in the 100 largest metros.

Portland is 26th in terms of percentage. But when you're dealing with a metro area of our size versus something of a million or less, percentages are not really apples to apples. If you cut out metros of a million or less, I count PDX at number 15.

Further, when you sort this by pure numerical growth, PDX sits at number 15, too.

I'm not really sure who actually thought we were booming to the level of, say, one of the desert cities like Phoenix (thank goodness). But these numbers (and the development that goes with them) are evidence enough of the attraction of Portland, and the need to address the continued influx of people. 40+ thousand people in a year in this area is, what, an additional Tigard every year?


The Tribune always has a agenda. When it comes to Portland or the Oregon Ducks, the Trib will
9 times out of 10 trash them both. But to
add salt to the injury, alongside they will
write an upbeat positive story on the Beavs
or some community based story on suburban bake sales.

That's why it's free and prints once a week.

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