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I appreciate your highlighting the revitalization of Alberta Street, and the NY Time's article that prompted you. Although, as you mention, the Time's article is not speaking directly about design, I find a story about the recreation of a vibrant, culturally diverse old main street to be one of the height of our architectural endeavors. A main street is not a building designed for people...it's a place designed and built by many people. There is a simple timeless design laid down decades ago in the dimensions of the street, the parallel parking, the sidewalks, and the building frontages. Building upon history, Rosalyn Hill, and others, recreated that sense of place that we architects strive for in our work.


As a resident of NE Portland near Alberta, I was glad to see the NYT article for once be about the positive that has happened within our neighborhood.

I have one other place I think is worth mentioning: Collage - Art & Craft Supply Store. As current architecture student I buy most of my supplies there and it always feels good to support local small shops.

Kat Callon

This is my first time here, and I love your site.

Last week I watched a show (on OPB?) about the architects involved with the Alice Tully Hall project and was amazed by their creativity and skill. I love their cloud building project in which they created an an environment over water from water vapor.

I grew up in CT and part of what I love about New York are the divergent styles of architecture adjacent to each other. I haven't been to New York since the hall was finished, but I hope to visit in August.

As a newer transplant to NE Portland (in Sabin near Whole Foods), reading about Rosalyn Hill and her impact on Alberta was meaningful to me. I likely have her to thank for our moving here. My husband flew up to visit a friend who lived on 15th and ALberta, and after walking down the street and looking into shop windows and called me in Southern California and told me to sell our house. We relocated with within two months and LOVE it here. If you are still in contact with her, please, send her our thanks. Thanks so much.

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