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Eric Cantona

FINALLY! this is part of my work neighborhood and has been under construction for what seems like five years. i'll be very interested to see the units, and find out what they're going for.

as far as the brasserie, i was really bummed when they did their renovation that eliminated the speakeasy/hole-in-the-wall entrance they used to have. it made it all exclusively and super-french feeling, what with the cool jazz going on downstairs, and all. didn't it get purchased by that guy that tried to open, like, six restaurants at once? oops.

hopefully it'll get filled by someone who can optimize it's potential. and stay in business at the same time...


Valaster Corl has quietly done some of the best small condo projects in Portland. From Flanders Loft to this example. Jefferson, Hawthorne, etc..

Dennis H. Coalwell

Wow! What an improvement for such a great little street/area.


Another fine example of historic preservation as sustainable development. Architects and developers please take note of this great project. It would be great to see more like this.


Correction: Vallaster with 2 l's
Here's their site: http://www.vcarch.com


Nice to see this building gleaming again. The light as seen in the shot with the stairwell is good, at least for now. It's always great to be able to step off busy Morrison into the relative quiet Park Ave where this building is located.

A little different spin on the Brasserie might be needed, but I really don't like the thought of this currently closed restaurant's beautiful signs with that distinctive font going away. It was a real improvement when the restaurant's owners put out some dough, relatively recently, to have those signs created to replace the ones existing before them. The Brasserie always had just about the right kind of easy going yet elegant ambience for downtown too; decent place for jazz, nice lighting, facilities were always kept top notch.

Someone from way back, filled me in on a little history about that location: in the 60's it was The Headless Horseman, an amped up trippy rock club.

Brian Libby

Robert, thanks for the correction. My apologies to Vallaster & Corl. To readers in general, if you ever see an error in one of my posts, I urge you to email me at [email protected] Posting in the comments is fine too, of course, but I can get the correction made more quickly if contacted directly.

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