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Eric Cantona

i stopped dining at the greek cusina in the late eighties after talking to a neighbor of the Papas' and another person who worked there. this is a food service business run by a family with serious cleanliness issues. good to see nothing's changed...


City Council is squarely to blame on the urban renewal deadlock. They broke the law in doing what they did with the school and the river district expansion. They were warned that thier scheme was not legal and they ignored the advice. Now they have been called on it. Urban Renewal funds are not City Council's personal piggybank to fund thier pet projects. The rules are very clear on what they can and can't do with urban renewal dollars. We should let the River District URA epire and let the tax dollars flow according to the original intent. Extending the URA and increasing debt is just deficit spending and a bad deal for Portland residents and taxpayers. Don't blame the people that filed the lawsuit. The City created thier own mess on this one.


"There ought to be a better way to settle this."

The way to solve it would be for the city to use Urban Renewal funds as allowed by law, rather than as a politically popular piggy bank.

"I also am still trying to decide if the Friends of Urban Renewal name is apt or if it's ironic."

Apt. They are protecting the policy/tax tool from abuse that could erode the legitimacy of the program long term.


the last thing that is needed around the greyhound station is another homeless shelter. it shouldnt be any surprise that the whole old town and chinatown district isnt improving when you keep building new buildings for homeless.


where would you like to build housing for the homeless, edward?


in his backyard!

Scott Tice

The purple Octopus comes down at 8 AM... the end of the Greek Cusina? Boo to Randy Leonard and his city hit-squad for single-handidly ruining a businessman's dream. Here's to Ted Pappas, may his future be very bright indeed!!!!

Brian Libby

I'm no expert, but Ted Pappas didn't seem like such a saint to me when he was threatening food critics (Caryn Brooks of Willamette Week) or trying to drive out food carts. And Greek Cusina also seems to run its business with a sizable contempt for city regulations. It does appear that Pappas was singled out, and perhaps more than is fair. But it's not a black and white issue, based on what I've seen and heard.

Eric Cantona

this is what i just posted on this story at the Mercury blog:

knowing people that have worked there, as well as a neighbor of the Papas family, the recent fire and safety violations followed a storied history of health violations. in short, this place has been a blight on the city for two decades at least.

good f-ing riddance.

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