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Brian- you should do a piece on how these types of properties have actually performed. Have any sold? How are thier developer/architects holding together financially? How many of these projects will the banks end up owning?

The sidestory here is that good design doesn't buck the market, sadly. In fact, some of these look to me like they way overshot thier respective locations in terms of what people want and what they are willing to pay for.

Brian Libby

T, thanks for your suggestion.

Unless I'm mistaken, it still may be a little early to tell how these properties specifically are doing in real-estate terms. I'd be curious to know how architect-developed unique designs are performing in the market in general. My over-riding concern is the designs themselves, but of course you're right that we should be questioning the role and market impact of design as well, especially in this economy.


A few of these properties have sold. Many have already had buyers lined up - but those buyers had difficulties closing on mortgages. The fact that they are still are on the market has not been for a lack of interest, but because of an absence of lending.


A couple of the homes on the tour were still under construction. It was a little disappointing to have to browse presentation boards to get an idea of the building.

The ones that were complete were nice though. "Sum-thing new" was really impressive. It was even well furnished.

I have to say that the criticisms of the Z-haus garage and entry in a previous post were spot-on. It was not very elegant. The rest of the z-house was great though (if you don't mind stairs). I thought its massing matched the neighbors well; and the concept was followed through.


I'm visiting Portland next week. And I'd love to do a tour of modern architecture in Portland, that Dwell seems to feature so often. I'll be there from Tuesday through Friday but I couldn't find any info online how to get one of those tours I've heard so much about! :(

I think Portland can be my future home. So I really like to see real Portland and real neighborhoods and of course, modern architecture.

Any info or tip will be truly appreciated. I'd truly appreciate any info you could share.

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