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On behalf of the 11xdesign group, I'd like to thank each and every person who schlepped themselves outside on a Saturday to check out our work. The feedback we all received was hugely positive and bordered on overwhelming - especially considering the entire event was purely word of mouth. Thanks to all that spread the word!

We have an open minded and fantastically talented group of peers all pushing in the same direction. To our knowledge, this is completely unique and we only hope we are what our fair city is all about - and we're all honored to be a part of such energy! Saul Zaik was on the tour! Are you kidding!

Kudos Portland and thanks again!!


m o d aby

Hey! I think I see my shoes in your z-haus photo! Great tour!


Thanks for writing about the tour. My wife and I went to most of them and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!


I have to say that I was underwhelmed by the 4 projects I visited. However, I am glad that the event happened and hopeful that everyone involved does well.

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