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Double J

Ive spoken with Rosales a bit about this... it seems that the cable stayed design that has been proposed is a more generic one than the Zakim, which is extremely wide. A more customized cable stayed design would cost more... and I'm unconvinced that either design has really addressed the site as a design rather than an engineering problem. Right now it just looks like the wave seems more appropriate to the site. More appropriate doesnt necesarrily mean "specifically atttuned" to the site. They have been tweaking the wave design a lot and hopefully there will be some new images.

All of this ups the ante for the I-5 crossing as well.


Right On Dbl J , these are 'Pretty Designs' , but generic , they have nothing to do with the site or the city. The last time we brought in a Name Designer we got the hideous Portland Bldg , and the last time we had a Pdx guy do somethig big , we got the timeless and stunning Pioneer Square. [Thanks Will]. In a City full of talented Professionals , we don't need a carpetbagger. All that money went straight to the east coast instead of to Pdx Designers.
I would like to support Randy Gragg's hope that this does lead to more Front End Design , and even competitions!!!
There is an Exhibit of Artworks for a Green Park Roofed Columbia River Crossing Bridge at The NW Lucky Lab Brewpub [activity rm]

Double J

Well Sarah Graham did a great job with the tram ... Also, I dont think we should fear outsiders, that kind of isloationsim doesnt work in the 21st century.

But you are right Portland is a "design city", yet still hasn't fully taken on the responsibilities that self image requires. I'm not talking Dubai style stuff here, simply making design a premium for key public works projects is a big step we have yet to hurdle.


Outsiders have been responsible for some of our greatest parks and open spaces. Everyone oohs and aahs over pioneer courthouse square but it was really the same post modernist product as the Portland Building (just love those columns in the square!). True, Pioneer Courthouse Square is a phenomenal space, but it doesn't take a first year student to understand that you put in a large amphitheater in the middle of a city and people will come.


i agree jorge

not to minimize the importance of a square's design, but the site is key.
i think with public squares (like PCS, PB5, Jamison), probably half of its success has nothing to do with the actual design of the square itself but rather with the surrounding building heights, street walls and building uses.

but that said pcs is still a good product though.

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