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I have family that work at The Standard building and I have to agree about the submerged plaza. The below street level fountains are like a small secret spot for me and the 60's era feel is oddly refreshing in the sea of modern contemporary designs.


The Standard Plaza image is one of those photos that those few who have seen a lot of my shots always gravitate towards. It's a wonderful building and the view of Portlandia in the lobby atop the escalators is really great.

About 95% of my shots are building outside Oregon, we dont have anything by Mies, Rem, Calatrava or HdM. In comparison to those architects that Standard Plaza has similarly great details, and in that era escalators held such iconic power. Even MoMA's previous incarnation made extensive use of them.

If you want to see the actual photo, it is still at Pulliam
Deffenbaugh Gallery
, just 2 blocks from AiA. The tram image is there too.

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The Standard Plaza is one of the most incredible buildings I've seen. It's premium building. I like as Double said the view o Portland that you get there.

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