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Interesting subject and an entertaining way to stimulate the abstract quality of architecture that theory always brings up. I was caught by your statement, "Still, will sustainable architecture of the 21st century someday be considered a style as well?" In light of Science and Art that you mention - i think sutainability falls into both realms rather than style or fashion that do date things. When you find the correct sustainable solution, you are searching for the simplicity - at times the most difficult attribute to find in great design. Sustainability in that regard is art, but the science of sustainability is to be transparent. Air conditioning certainly has some science to it, but really nothing about art. Take the same problem and solve it with sustainability and you have passive ventilation, absorption chillers, night flush, and maybe controlled by a building management system (BMS) - all automated, tied to the environment and connected to the site. Sustainability will not manifest itself into a style, except in the few trite examples, but rather it will manifest itself into technology, the simplicity of the science that is so hard to find in great design solutions. In the end it will be integrated into the design and will give form to the buildings. Yet another cliche of form follows function, but rather function gives form.


Thats keen to think of sustainability as a style. It seems to also represent our health-conscious society. Its the right time and place for sustainability; meaning, there are a lot of existing buildings that instead of being demolished, are renovated and simplified to exposed beams, open floor plans, and natural light; all of which are proven to be healthy, energy efficient, and as a result, stylish.

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