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Great story B , love to open my paper and read about architecture!
Always good work from the Holst team. And I would love it if the press would write about all the people on the team involved. I am sick of the 'Staritect model' ...
I have been on teams when only the 'Name Arch' was given credit , and on teams where I was given all the credit , and I gotta stop the writer/editor and say designing every building is like playing a symphony , it takes a village , eh


I liked reading the article and was glad to see some broader attention brought to our architecture scene. Although, after reading it, I realized that the only pictures were of them (which is fine), a side of the Ecotrust that they didn't even augment, and then a small B/W rendering of Ziba. I take it that you weren't the photo editor for the story, and judging by this post you realize which images would have been interesting to see and help the public associate with them, but altogether it just struck me as odd. Oh, O!

Again, good story! Thanks!

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