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I find it fascinating which pieces of Brian's get comments.This is a great project to notice and yet no further commentary, I wonder why? I love the simplicity and the elegance of the design in this project, both inside and out. I also appreciate the developers taking a very 'homely' apartment building and making it attractive. Not only did they reuse an existing building which I find more creative than new construction in some ways, but they accomplished this with a soft touch, and fairly affordably. I find this sort of project some of the most valuable design work going on.
One of the other strengths of this project is it still relates to the neighborhood around it. This is one of the key criticisms of a number of modernist designs in Portland, like the home on SE 29th Brian wrote about awhile back, they ignore and even fight with the surrounding homes or buildings. They don't just ignore the contextual, they do this a sort of iconic arrogance that not only diminishes the design, but the whole surroundings. And at the same time sets back the elegant ways modern architecture can enrich context and strengthen both the diversity of the neighborhood, but the conversation between new and old, past and present.
Portland has a lot of very plain if not downright ugly apartment buildings that were thrown up cheaply over the last 50 plus years. To bring beauty and modernism and ecology to these buildings while extending their life enriches my experience of life in our neighborhoods. So a big thank you to these developers and I hope we see a lot more of this sort of modern meets traditional restoration projects in the future.


my class was given a tour of the middle, two story, unit of the 1310 by the owner and brett crawford. i was very impressed with rehab and attention to detail.


I also had the good fortune to tour the 1310 last week. It reminded me of the Alvar Aalto quote: “Modern architecture does not mean the use of immature new materials; the main thing is to refine materials in a more human direction.” I thought it was terrific to see such a thoughtful execution of proportion, scale, and material details. I appreciate that the 1310 units are not just about themselves but the design and thoughtfulness of the execution has contributed positively to the dialogue of urban density and allows people to explore living in smaller, but carefully programmed spaces.

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Very beautiful photos you've got in here. The place seems clean too.

Deirdre Gonzales

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A pathetic loser left spam here about condos in the Philippines (as if anyone would want that), and I deleted it.

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