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HEY , nice building guys !


I toured them today. They are beautifully designed. I only wish I could afford one.


Brian, when you say "modest, but high quality" do you meaning the design is "simple"?


The building is beautiful in its own way but does not fit the rest of the neighborhood. I pass it nearly daily and sigh --

eric cantona

i pass it (nearly) daily and sigh at my misfortune to not be able to afford one of these at this time. i've looked at then and very much like what they've done. i think that they fit in quite nicely with the neighborhood, which is a broad mix of styles from every era. in fact, i'd argue that they raise the profile of their immediate surroundings considerably.


I think this building is a wonderful complement to the neighborhood.


What are you talking about "fits well into its surrounding context of neighborhood single-family homes"? It's just another Dwell magazine snooze-fest. That wood strip exterior has become so ubiquitous around town that it already has an American Property Management feel to it. Most everyone I know is already laughing at this generic style - only architects and developers are patting themselves on the back for it.

Michigan Condos

I just love the wood on the outside - beautiful!
Michigan Condos

I Thomas

I think this is a nice project... haven't seen it in the flesh to see if it works in context.

BTW, has anyone seen the new project on N Vancouver around Fremont? It has modern features, looks to be pretty high quality workmanship and design, but it really looks out of place it its small lot. Not far north of this building is a new apartment complex called something or other 'brownstones' that in and of themselves aren't horrible, but the face of one unit looks right into the backside of the other unit. As they say, WTF? This looks so wrong I can't believe the blueprints for one unit weren't flipped or something. Overall, my girlfriend and I are very unimpressed with most of the infill projects around town.

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