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i am curious why there has not been any fervor about this announcement. i think at one level the consolidation is pretty exciting, but also i fear at the same time that this may create some added layers of complexity for the more simple projects. maybe this process is more akin to projects seeking certain incentives or "bonus'", but to layer the green stuff into planning rather than to be an interpretation of zoning and code law leaves a lot of room for interpretation. i fear the appointed experts may not have the capacity or the interest to perform to continue to make a city friendly to business development.


The issue of sustainable regulation being the end all and be all ... rather than the promotion of creative solutions and approaches, is an issue at the crux of this decision. It remains to be seen whether or not the city will overregulate to the point of not encouraging new and creative green solutions.

Sustainable practices come in many forms and the tendency (read LEED certification as an example) is to assume a single focus is the answer. Regulations can be overly restrictive especially in the field of sustainable development ... the city must allow for the new ideas and rapid changes with new technologies. I guess we can only wait and see how this turns out.


BTW, the correct spelling is: Gil Kelley

eric cantona

i think Steve Duin's comments in the O are spot on: mayor-elect Adams has a real problem with anyone who disagrees with him. word from city hall is that if you cross Sam you may as well pack your bags. this town should be up in arms over losing Gil.

generally i've agreed with Adams' positions on a variety of issues, but i fear for this city with him at the helm. the mayor really needs to be able to listen to all sides of a debate. Sam, apparently, does not follow that logic.

he did totally check me out at a party once, though, so at least he's got good taste in men...

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