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that picture is a joke right? that's not the same charles rose...

Brian Libby

Yes, a joke - sorry. It's TV talk show host Charlie Rose.


That is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it, and how OCAC integrates more tightly with the arts education community downtown through its MFA program with PNCA. The future looks exciting for this school.


more trendy horizontal wood exteriors!!!

Peter S.

It's kind of funny Rose only made LEED Silver, given his comments in the Oregonian last year. If memory serves Rose's words amounted to dismissing the volume of LEED-rated buildings in Portland as a minor achievement given the climate here. Maybe it's not so easy after all?


The top picture of the building's slanting roofs that allow for light to enter clerestory windows...I wonder if that's a N-S orientation...that would make sense...the design of the building looks pretty good there...second pic too with the breezeway, pretty good too. Not so good in the bottom picture, but overall, a good looking building.


"more trendy horizontal wood exteriors!!!"

in a context that makes more sense than most.


Here's the quote:

"We always chuckle about Portland, Oregon. Everyone is so proud of all the LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings they've created. But the fact is, because the temperature differential is so mild, it's really not that hard compared to, say, Vermont, New Hampshire or even down South, where people want air conditioning."

Not that hard, eh?


well played Aneeda. do a google search for those of you that don't connect the hyperbole.

raise the bar to get the job.

lower the bar to get the job done.





I think it will fit in nicely with the dump, i mean campus, in a few years. it is already a mess.

jon w.

With a result like this, I'm not sure why local architects weren't thrown in the mix.


local architects were interviewed for the first two buildings. rose was selected for the library building and the studio building.

as fundraising progresses there should be a selection process for the next buildings...there are about 3 new building additions/renovations and several new public buildings for a new gallery, gift shop, auditorium, and cafe.


i am surprised more people have not called foul on this project. For a project these days to be LEED Silver is a no-brainer. A school on a campus with such a beautiful garden seems to have missed a huge opportunity to not only reach a higher standard, but maybe even do so with such gusto as net-zero. too bad to have such a celebrated architect come here and not deliver what a local architect should be able to "school" them on.

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