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As a Duck Architecture Alum , I
want to say , well done Mr. Knight
In this unsettling time ,it is
a stellar example of civic leadership , in Medicine and , by
possible application in a new building , Architecture.
AND Brian you are so wrong about the Uniforms and Helmets , they are GREAT !

Brian Libby


Although I'm guessing most readers don't care about Oregon's uniforms, let me elaborate by saying that I find Nike's designs not exactly ruinous so much as a mixed bag.

Big thumbs up to having many different combinations of helmets, jerseys and pants. Huge thumbs up to the 'O' logo design and the helmets overall. But I really hate the faux diamond plating and this branding Nike does for the Ducks that is based on military-police gear. And I'm very picky about uniforms having a good old stripe down the side of the pants or nothing at all. Oh, and Nike has also helped introduce black as a third Oregon color, which I'm very much against. It's an OSU color, for crying out loud. It's great that Oregon wants to establish its own identity as a modern power rather than an old-school tradition bound team like Notre Dame or Alabama. But there ought to be a happy medium where simple good design principles are still followed, carried out in a restrained look that will endure and not look ridiculous, a look that doesn't try to impose a new heavy handed faux branding idea on the uniforms.

But as someone who writes about art/design and football, I realize that I'm way more passionate about this topic than 99.9 percent of the people out there.

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