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BetterBricks awards, how exciting, take that Hollywood!

Brian Libby

You're right, Nikos. I shouldn't have written the post. It's much better if people doing good work go unrecognized, especially when this constitutes such unsexy news. :)


Kidding, didn't mean to hurt your feelings Brian,with daylight waning and cloudy skies setting pdx can get a bit...unsexy. A bit too earnest, save the planet, ultra careful, humane, god bless its straightforward soul, prudent skylined pdx. And then the brick news. I apologize.


For those of you who might occasionally peruse comments, even previous postings, I want to add without a doubt, Naomi Cole is an energetic and passionate woman for a younger generation that understands the world differently than we presently dwell on it. She is all over ZGF, and that might be why she is somewhat hidden for now, because she is so spread out. She is currently out of country advocating and designing for our collective sustainable life practices. I was with ZGF for over fifteen years and have recently moved back to Kansas City to take the light rail and sustainable urbanism experience I practiced with Greg Baldwin and others back to my hometown and midwest, and allow my son to spend quality time with my parents. (I love you Portland) I worked with Naomi on many things, including the development and public outreach story for the Swale on Yale in Seattle in South lake Union on behalf of Vulcan and Seattle Public Utilties. Naomi was a pivotal in asking the right questions, raising important issues, and helping formulate the story that puts in layperson's terms why these type of projects are important, how they work, and elucidating the fact that in the case of green infrastructure it not only good for our environment, but good for us in the physical, social, and visual spectrum. Her fingerprints are also all over the ZGF's sustainability "card deck" that are scattered all over the offices from Los Angeles to New York City. For Betterbricks she is emerging, for myself, she has emerged. She is a young tour de force, when you see her in action.

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