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In addition to the sustainability award, the 1310 Condominium was also the recipient of an honor award, and should share top billing with the performing arts high school.


I hope that Works' actual works are as nice as their renderings. There is an often painful distance between concept and reality.

What about the People's Choice?!


I've been a fan of this building since construction was completed. Check out the 1310's website at www.1310condominiums.com. Best condo project in town.


Booker T. Washington is a tremendous accomplishment- a huge project negotiated through a complex process- a portland architect doing work on a larger/national stage- more than worthy of the top award. I'm never sure how projects that aren't subject to the same unforgiving process can be given top honors. 1310 is well done, but really no more architecturally challenging than the Clinton, which was passed over- a much more complex and ambitious (and in most ways more successful) project with significant urban and economic demands placed upon it.


I agree with Marc - particularly that projects that are not subject to an architect having the do their "entire" job - designing with clarity, convincing a separate party to fund their idea, and then walking a contractor down the path of construction without it being completely destroyed - shouldn't be held up as examples of architectural excellence. I feel this way every time an architect gets and award for a spec house or their own project. It feels a little like giving awards for just showing up. 1310 is ok, but not exceptional. But then again, neither is the Jefferson - which shocked me, also.


The images on the website for the GROW project are somewhat different than the one posted.


Caleb Freese

The Providence Health System clinic building was praised for it's "solids faced with graffiti murals. The Murals: The integrated murals tell the story of the neighborhood, its residents, and the commitments the client has made to give back to the neighborhood. They are visible from inside and outside the clinic, from vehicles and from the light-rail."

Though Providence claims to give back to the neighborhood by funding the murals, they've never recognized the artist who created the mural. Artists are often passed by and seen as disposable by many industries, so to set the record straight: the mural was created by Caleb Freese! (www.squadup.net)


Hey Caleb,

I greatly appreciated your work on the Murals, and working with you was fun. I am sorry that you did not get more credit.

As a matter of mission and policy, I always have an artist or artist/fabricator involved in my projects.

Rick Potestio

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