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Sounds great! I've always liked the Halprin fountains; Forecourt and the Lovejoy. Today, they might seem to some to be more, a lot of of concrete than anything else, but at the time, I think that from an urban revitalization standpoint, they were revolutionary in terms of the effort they represented to re-introduce natural attributes back into the urban environment.

Ignore the weathered, chlorine stained concrete of those fountains today, and instead concentrate on the natural character of water in the wild that the fountains design strove to display for city dwellers. I think the ability to have done this is Halprin's strength and is one of the things about him that hopefully, will keep on inspiring other people.

Maybe Tanner Springs and the rill alongside the Armory Theatre owe something to Halprin's work in the S Aud district.


for those of us who have ever whined about portland not having any exemplary works of architecture, this is a good week for us to pause and appreciate what we do have. it really does not get much better than halprin's fountains. i know people who have visited this city just to see them. lovejoy and forecourt fountains, pettygrove park and the linear park they create together make the spaces between those urban renewal towers rather intimate - a feat not often met during those times. when you add pioneer courthouse square (and even jamison), portland has some of the best designed public spaces around.


And don't forget the Source Fountain...it truly is an amazing sequence, with fabulous pedestrian ways and mature trees cascading down from Lincoln to Clay Streets.

Sunday's performances are at 1 and repeated at 4.

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