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In the sprit of self promotion - our house is also on the tour in NE Portland. You can follow the construction process at our blog:


The house is for sale and is targeted at LEED Platinum - sale price is not yet determined, but we are entertaining offers.


No need to fill up gas tanks ~ $5 dicount for those who bike the tour.


Where is irony by beginning the announcement of the Build it Green Tour, by suggesting the reader requires a full tank of gas!? Including Mr. Libby, if you have been wary of embracing bicycle transportation, this may be a good day to start.

Brian Libby

Horsewhistle, that was a meaningless joke about the tank of gas. If people want to bike there, that's great! I'm not wary of embracing bicycle transportation. I ride my bike places all the time! But if I were going to 20 different locations in Portland and Estacada, I'd drive, okay?


go ahead and drive...that oil isn't going to stay in the ground anyway


so Brian - anything worth mentioning from your tour?

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