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John Russell

The location near the bike/ped off ramp of the Hawthorne Bridge would make this an ideal location to place a business pandering to cyclists commuting downtown. I know I would use it.


I'd agree that a bike related business is a great idea for that location, but probably not in that building. It seems to defeat the purpose of the buildings design to use a lot of the interior space to hang bikes in there, if that's the intention. The Oregonian's article also mentioned moving the building to a more appropriate place. That makes some sense.

The exterior materials the building is constructed with...plywood in large part, if I remember right, seem to me to make it a fragile building. I've thought that this material should be exchanged for something more durable and beautiful that has greater longevity.


This is a great location for bike rentals, but I really don't understand it for day-to-day bike parking. For downtown commuters, a parking structure would be in closer proximity to more workplaces if it was in the middle of the downtown street grid, not in a park by the river separated from the city by Naito Parkway. I hope the city has more plans for a downtown commuter bike parking option because this strikes me as more of a resource for visitors, weekend riders, and park event parking.

Ken Nichols

response to John.
The bike (or human powered vehicle) rental will be housed in a 220 sf kiosk that faces Salmon St. Springs. The majority of the main building will be used for the food/beverage program and will retain the openness that is currently designed into the site. The bike service/retail space is approx. 600 sf of main level building, 100sf of basement, and 468 sf of upstairs space (storage and office space).

ws is right, it will not be used for long term bike parking. Rather it will be for short term use of site customers and visitors to Waterfront Park. Bike Republic is working with several downtown developers and building owners to locate long term bike parking with shower and locker facilities. Stay tuned on this one.

ken nichols

just noticed I referenced the wrong bloggers.

my first response was to ws, and second to Carl. We think that bike service at this site will be used year round. Convenient service for thousands of bike commuters who can leave their bike for the day while at work in downtown. The space is not large enough for a traditional bike shop.

Feel free to contact me directly at ken@bikerepublic.org.

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