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its great to see art in the city...but can't think of anything more phony. maybe it makes the residents feel less guilty about living in a sterile, elitist place that a real artist could never afford to live.


So you mean in order to be a "real" artist, you have to be poor? I know a lot of local artists that seem to be relatively well off because they are good at what they do.


Am a little late on this post, but as a resident of the South Waterfront I would like to respond to David who appears to know very little about who is living down here, and what it is like, or else his comment would not have been so far off the mark. With all due respect, David, there is growing, thriving community of residents who believe and support the arts, and supporting artists.

Most would agree with you that the "Artist in Residence" program this past year was phony. The program was inserted into our neighborhood without any discussions with residents, and it's safe to say based on the lackluster involvement it did not connect because it wasn't authentic.

I would invite you to take a closer look at what is happening down here, after only a little over two years, diversity thrives in the South Waterfront.

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