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Mike M

Minor Correction,
Mt. Angel is one of two Aalto buildings in the US. Baker House at MIT is the other.


Molly Murphy

Thank you for a great promotion of the DWR event and the GH itself. Guided tours are possible almost every day with a prior reservation. The house is also for rent for parties, reunions, meetings, concerts, and weddings. I hope to see you on Wednesday evening.


I've never been to see the Gordon house, but it sure looks great in the picture above. How fortunate that it was able to be conserved. Just wish it was a little closer to Portland.

brad c

I visited the Gordon House a few years back and it is clearly a beautiful building in an odd place. I didn't go on a tour but just did the nickel tour around the exterior. You can see the design of FLW in all of the details and language so for that it is well worth the visit if you have never seen Wright's work up close. Unfortuneately FLW's work is often so sight specific (as good architecture should be) that it looks odd if taken out of the original context.

If you can only go to one small town architectural gem, go the the Mt. Angel Library. Don't take the nickel tour though because the real affect is the interior play of light and materials. The design integrates so well into the sloping sight you could almost pass by the entry on the main quad.


Beautiful FLW home. I would be more than happy to settle with the 2,100 sq ft floorplan of the Gordon house! Just curious to find out how turnout was for this event.

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