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John Russell

I still fail to see the need from a change from the route of the 2003 LPA bridge route. It would appear that the change is to allow the Orange line to pass through the campus, but why couldn't they just transfer to the streetcar for that last leg instead of lengthening the route of both the streetcar and MAX.

It seems like a waste of time and rail just to make it slightly more convenient for the new OHSU campus.

I know I would much prefer the 2003 LPA from a biking perspective, at least.


does the new alignment coincide with the tram?

Bob R.

Ben asks: "does the new alignment coincide with the tram?"

It is closer to the tram, cutting the walking distance from the original LPA roughly in half, but it is on the northern side of the Ross Island Bridge while the tram is to the south.

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