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Correction: The majority of the wood slat walls are actually made from the 2x6 wood floor decking laid edgewise that was removed to cut the two story holes for the courtyards. These boards will cut in half and milled to get the quantities needed for the walls.

There was only one grain bin left in the building, on the 7th floor prior to the renovation. (I am sure some of that wood also made it into a slat wall.) Most of the grain bins were removed and the tower floors filled in during a renovation that took place in the early 80's.

Raymond Brigleb

Great writeup, Brian! We saw you taking that second photo (that's our scooters in there)... I wish I'd realized it was you, I would have said hello! I made mention of your post in our blog, as well.

One thing I'll say about that space is that it looks even prettier in the early morning, when the sun is streaming through the skylights, through the wood, and into our office. We've been super happy with this office!


These court yards are sublime. People should visit.


A few years ago I was at a dance party in the building. It was the night the building changed hands and someone had a key. The elevator was broken and we treked the stairs, the doors to each floor, primarily storage, signed ominously with, "don't open alarmed". International DJ. Very dusty and dirty, but the dancers did not care. Later in the evening, I walked up to the next floor in total darkness and sat in an unprotected, about 10 foot square, cutout in the floor watching the dancers and DJ below. Sweaty, fun, storied.

Fred Leeson

It's wonderful to see old buildings emerge for new uses in creative ways. This is one reason Portland is a great place. Let's keep it thst way!

Brian Libby

Incidentally, I'm sorry for not posting anything for several days, but I'm out of commission with a pinched nerve in my back. Back to duty on Monday, hopefully...

Jim Johnson, CRS

Portland has some really cool old buildings.

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