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I thought those condos were named "the Strand" not the "standard"


Oops! I've now corrected the Freudian slip.


That place is beautiful; and even non-diners may enjoy it. Luxury, Oregon-style.


The Driftwood, OK, it is not a real restaurant, but it is part of Gracie's. What a lounge should be.


I feel like something is lost in the question of what are other impressive and luxurious restaurants in town. I get more excited by the question of what restaurants have some of the most beautiful designs. I'm personally more moved by great design that is not on a massive/corporate budget. For example. Sel Gris is great example of simple yet elegant and even industrial design that feels intimate and convivial and honors the food and aspirations of the place. Lauro to me would be another (SE and my neighborhood) example. There are times we have gone there for the warmth and feel of the place as much as the food. They have managed scale and color and textures and great gathering place vibe all in one sweet space. We are fortunate to have an abundance of creative restaurant spaces and I really appreciate the ones I want to go back to as much for the feel of the space as the quality of the food.


A beautiful waterfront restaurant has been missing in Portland, in fact any waterfront restaurant has been missing in Portland. I had the pleasure of dining there, and the food was really fantastic. Prepared in a style that tends towards the simplicity of Italian, but with a certain French flare. But not over "ingrediented" like most French places here in Portland. The place itself is pretty spectacular, and I like the juxtaposition of simple Portland with amazing environment. Bottom line, the food and service was excellent, and that is what will ultimately keep this place going. I will be curious to see how the interior "ages", at the moment - SPECTACULAR.


wow, there's a place in portland that serves foie gras? i wouldn't think the animal rights groups here would stand for that.


lots of places serve it:


if eating foie gras is bad, i don't want to be good.


The building is beautiful, and I've heard good things about the staff. All in all, I get a great feeling about this restaurant and where it could go.

Brad Davis

I have dined twice here. Once with a corporate account and for a family special occasion. I am sorry to say that this establishemnt wont make it here in Portland. First, it is the most expensive dining in the city with the exception of maybe Morton's or expense account night on the town at the Heathman. The current state of the economy and the number of patrons who will frequent this place is very limited, give the cusine and exotic wine list.The one thought that come to mind is the owners who conceived the establishment had "more money than brains". A beautiful interior yes, but over the top and more suitable for Vegas, NYC or La La Land where celebrity posers, highrollers and captains of industry hang out and try to outspend each other. Sorry, but I give it no more than a year or two, or until the owners cash runs out, whatever comes first!


Don't you get tired of the self righteous hate. These is no reason to hate on those that 1. had enough success to have the opportunity to find enjoyment in certain things offered in nice establishments for premium prices. 2. Decided to enjoy what ever in the hell they would like without being called celebrity posers, highrollers, etc.. How about hard working people who choose to enjoy life and not have poopy pants all the time.

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