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its good for the architecture students to get some real practice with implementation, you know to see if their designs will actually work. i imagine this stuff would require permits(?) which would also be good experience. and i love how the professors are working together across departments to meet each other's needs. I think that's brilliant.

Clive Knights

Just to avoid any confusion, I am now the Chair of the Department of Architecture at PSU. Rudy Barton was the previous Chair and indeed did initiate the discussion with Matt Bietz about this fascinating project.

Brian Libby

Sorry about that, Sir Knights. I have made the appropriate change to the text. May your roundtable of young architects be victorious!

Matthew Bietz

Goose - Regarding this project and permits - we will more than likely permit it under the 'manufactured home' standards because the major portions will built off-site.

Also, the fact that structures under 250 sf and less than 10 ft tall do not require permits is also in our favor.

As for liability and structural issues, we will be having Carlson Testing do all of our off site fabrication inspections, so that the project will be held to a high level of scrutiny.

The final review will be open to the public and is currently scheduled for June 2nd

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