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I scarfed a couple of donuts, too, but I'm sorry I didn't spot you there. It was an interesting discussion, though sometimes a bit abstract and I got the feeling that everyone had a lot more to say than there was time for. I especially wanted to hear more from the always compelling Randy Gragg.

I was glad to see everyone admitting that the city is coasting a bit and needs to think bigger. I was impressed by Edlen's recognition that these decisions may begin in architecture and design but are ultimately political in nature.

The discussion of transportation came late and was so interesting that I wish there'd been more. Someone beat me to the punch by asking about the Columbia River Crossing, and everyone on the panel who answered said that putting more cars and more highway lanes over the river was a terrible idea. Let's hope they can influence the decision. Edlen said, approximately, that gridlock may be what it takes to change the car culture and make this a truly pedestrian oriented city where nothing essential is more than 20 minutes away -- without a car.

There seemed to be a feeling that I 405 will eventually be capped but that the whole highway network needs rethinking. It'd be great to see a discussion just on those issues. I guess with the CRC decision looming, we'll be seeing a lot more. Nice to see PNCA sponsoring such a discussion with such a well qualified panel.


with transportation being such a big issue to pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and environmentalists, and with portland updating its comprehensive plan with an eye toward 2050, are we going to start seriously considering adding an underground transit system? or a commuter train between vancouver and salem and beyond? i realize that this costs an ungodly amount of money, but it seems to me that with everybody wanting to move to portland (my long journey home takes flight saturday), continuing to add (sometimes unconnected) surface lines which are subject to stoplights every 200 feet just ceases to make sense if you take a long-range view.

on a more holistic note, this is obviously a more global issue, but changes do start with local pressure and action. if only conversations like this were happening everywhere. it's like pulling teeth to get people to even recycle here in philadelphia. perhaps we can get sam adams to host a mayor's conference and bring city leaders from all over the us and the rest of the world to whom we can preach our propaganda and with whom we can brainstorm for real change. (no comments about the amount of jet fuel required for such an event please.)


I found the conversation and setting sweet (and I missed the donuts), and yet I was struck by one of the panelists saying Portland needs to begin to have a higher level of conversation around the future. And I was assuming another city visioning process wasn't what was being called for. Isn't it time we brought the same sort of sustainable/regenerative principles and design to our conversations about the future?
Here we had 100 plus engaged people in attendance and couldn't we have tapped into the wisdom of the whole and taken this sort of conversation both deeper and higher. This feels like the very sort of conversation we as city in our times need to be having and it seems we need to get a lot more creative about how we have these conversations together. How do we begin to create regenerative conversational processes to create the sort of collective shared understanding and insights that we are going to need to get to regenerative communities?


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