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Similarly Arup, as part of the Wal-Mart Design Collective (no snickering please), has designed a series of prototype Wal-Mart High Efficiency (HE) Supercenters that are climate specific. The latest, the "HE.5" prototype in Las Vegas is a 'western climate-specific' store that is up to 45% more energy efficient than the baseline supercentre.

Specifically, the HE.5 includes new evaporative cooling and radiant flooring technologies. Additionally, the stores include all of the technologies currently being installed in new Wal-Mart supercentres, such as white roofs, daylight harvesting systems, LEDs in grocery cases, and highly efficient bathroom fixtures.

So there’s hope for the Big Box yet. Now about those parking lots…


oh my brian, could you be talking about urbanity?

wal-mart has been under a lot of pressure to green their image and as long as they keep promoting environmentally sensitive products (at least on tv) to their millions of shoppers then i'll cut them a little slack. however they still have light years before becoming even remotely sustainable whether we're talking about their environmental impact - remember all those goods sold in their green stores are still being shipped from china - or their labor practices. sorry, i can't help but snicker.

Ice Man

I tracked this competition early on and it felt more like an academic exercise than anything. Perhaps that's why there were hordes of student entries and very few from professional firms. It may have been more interesting if the projects were real and the winning entries were going to be built on actual sites.

Another thought - How sustainable is it to bring in hundreds of people to work out solutions to fictitious projects?

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