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When I first moved to Portland I lived near that building and I believe the first post I ever read on this blog was (at least partially) about it.

My friends all think it is ugly but its a important personal landmark to me. Glad to hear something good might happen with it. I've fantasized about countless different uses for it.


The building was purchased by Dick Singer - they are planning renovations for it now. Jon Kellogg is the broker from cra-nw.com - he can help you out.


Is the vacant building on 2nd and Morrison too big? Too expensive?

The US Customs House is supposed to house a hotel, but nothing appears to be going forward right now...might be able to work something out with the Feds.

There are plenty of recently abandoned schools (well, buildings in waiting) by PPS.

I believe there is also an abandoned building by the KOIN tower...only a couple floors tall.


Several large vacancies on Sandy and NE 20th-26th or so, ex auto showrooms and industrial-retail type spots, I can't imagine they'd be overpriced. Timberline Dodge Cultural Center? No really, I'm serious. Sandy.

Alison Ryan

Looks like the checkerboard went for $2.85 million (according to the often-amazing public records at portlandmaps.com).


I've always thought it would be cool to see someone develop the old White Stag HQ in SE for something like this.

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