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Frist of all: the beer is good.

The interior left me wondering. Maybe it is just that I've been watching this project go up for so long that I had higher expectations that the Rogue/McMenamins/Bridgeport mashup.

My overall reaction was a bit of distaste at the redundant and unnecessary use of so much wood. It is ironic that the beautiful trusses are obscured by 4 heavy timber boxes (which could have been combined to save much lumber) while a framed photo of those very trusses adorns the bar.

Overall, I found the use of wood excessive and a bit oppressive. The green plaid carpet was over the top ~ perhaps a Bend thing?

Anyhow, I'm happy for another Brewpub to choose from. I'm sure it will age well.


Stuart Emmons is a great advocate for 'A'rchitecture in Portland. We need him and his voice.

Thanks, Stuart.

Larry L

It was too eclectic for my taste which can work if done in moderation, but just too much. I left wondering if an architect was the designer. Mainly because:
1. The kitchen seems to small for the amount of tables and people it can hold. We waited a long time, and all the table were not full.
2. I agree about the added heavy timber frames which distract from the true structure. I would have maybe framed something just over the rows of tables, and kept the volume of space created by the trusses.
3. The location of the fireplace, makes some sence by the bar, but by the kitchen? I thought it would have been better in the dining area.
Although, I did kind of like the green plaid carpet. But I didn't like the way the wood carvings also compete with the added timber frame. Whatever, I just love thier beer so who cares.


The Deschutes Brewery and Public House is located at 210 NW 11th Ave. I believe your post states it is located at Southwest 11th. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.

Portland Oregon Real Estate

Just made my first trip to this pub. From a casual observer, I thought it was a great space for what it is - a tourist destination. Good beer. Food was decent.

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