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a "no-name architect"? i wonder how they stamped the drawings.......


In Brian White's quote, does he mean Southwest Broadway instead of Northwest Broadway? Anyone?


I believe the building in question is Terwilliger Plaza, visible from Southwest Broadway Drive. The address is 2545 SW Terwilliger Blvd.


Yes, the AIA Center has the book for $10


Holy wow, I never in my life thought I would hear someone say THAT building is their favorite. I mean, wow...I'm speechless!

why? what landscaping?

Sean Casey

I think Mr. Holmes brings up two important issues. It's amazing that someone can be an architect and not know how to draw. Rather astounding actually. The ability to illustrate and conceptualize ideas in such a basic and fundamental way seems intrinsic to the job. Is it laziness that such skills have been ceded to the mouse pad? Probably why CAD jobs start at $15/hour.

Years ago, if you wanted to apply for a job at George Lucas's high tech CG effects studio one mailed hand drawn sketches of faces, hands and feet as your application. The reason being that if you could render those things successfully, you could probably draw anything. The computer served the talent...not the other way around.

And Mr. Holmes brings up the money issue. Coming to grips with the fact that every click of the mouse shifts labor, resources, and time. Where the rubber (or Gigabytes) meets the road. Leave the moneys-no-object concepts to SecondLife. Reality has more pressing concerns.

Don't mean to sound too Howard Roark-ish on the situation, but do architects today, or students of architecture, have any personal experience roofing a house, pouring concrete, framing an addition or fixing a foundation? Perhaps a more visceral relationship between designer and building is in order, to better respect where concept meets concrete. A more meaningful relationship between idea and reality.

Thank you for allowing me to comment.

Clive Knights

The student produced book of interviews, "Verge", (154 pages including b&w illustrations) will soon be available at Powells Books and the PSU Bookstore for $11.99. However, the best deal of $10 a copy is to be had directly from the PSU Department of Architecture (503 725 8405) or the AIA Portland Chapter offices. We are actively looking for potential sponsors of a bigger and more colorful sequel. Expressions of interest welcome to Clive Knights at 503 725 3349.

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