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I love the idea of Streetcars in Portland. Unfortunately I have not been as enamored with the reality.
I frequently walk from Burnside to the PSU along the route of the streetcar. I am almost always faster than the streetcar by foot. Somehow, this needs to be fixed. The max seems to make it through town faster than I can walk, because it gets some lights timed. More attention needs to be paid to the integration of the lines with existing lights, or the routes will simply slow traffic all over town.

Brian Libby

Mike, this is a great point, and one I meant to make in my original post.

The streetcar is WAY TOO SLOW with too many stops. I also think MAX has too many stops downtown. Plus, it seems silly to me that they are treated as two different entities. I'd rather see the whole thing called MAX or whatever.


I agree that there may be a bit too many stops, but not enough lines. I walk from either Jefferson or PSU along 10th to Couch every day and almost never encounter the Streetcar.

When I lived in Prague I used their extensive streetcar (tram) system, as well as the subway. The trams moved very quickly and didn't stop as much. Even in the center of the city where I lived. However, there are very few stoplights or even stop signs along their routes. I guess people are used to walking there, unlike in this country. I encounter countless people that drive from their point of origins to their destinations WITHIN downtown. Anything over 5 blocks and they're driving, circling the blocks looking for parking. "You're walking all the way there?" they ask. Yeah, all 8 blocks. Blows my mind.

Bob R.

For those interested in a streetcar on Hawthorne Blvd., please check out the advocacy web site:


Hope to see you at the SE Meeting:

Streetcar Workshop - Southeast District
Thursday, April 3
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Cleveland High School Library
3400 SE 26th Ave.


Portland really really needs to build higher capacity transit to its southeast-area neighborhoods. Many times lately there are just too many people riding the bus - for instance, two weeks ago I was standing with a group of 30 or 40 people at one bus stop! That is almost half the capacity of the bus that came. And, we didn't all fit - about 12 people were left behind to wait for the next bus.

Hawthorne doesn't need a streetcar, it needs a friggin' subway line.

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