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Ron Ares

Organizers said tickets were snapped up within the first hour.


I am a fan of Karl and Emily's house. Check out www.refihaus.com for some cool construction pics.


It's too bad so many people are turned away. I tried unsuccessfully to get tickets the moment they went on sale. After begging for tickets, this was the response I got from tour organizer Sherri Nee...
"The bottom line is that we Street of Eames volunteers
underestimated the demand for this year's tour. While
1,000 tickets were successfully sold on line between
9:30 and 10:30 a.m. on Feb. 15, there were many folks
who are frustrated and feel like they deserve tickets.
Some are architects, some designers, some Realtors,
some modern furniture designers, and some just modern
home enthusiasts. Some folks were traveling when
tickets went on sale. Some were at mandatory work
meetings. One person wrote saying he had to walk away
from his computer because his house was being broken
into. I only wish I had more tickets to sell.

Given the demand, tickets for next year's tour will
have to be sold differently. There was too much
traffic on the server to get the PayPal link up, and
when we did, some folks couldn't find it. Given
successful on-line sales the past two years, we were
not prepared for these problems, but it is entirely
our fault, and I'm sorry.

The feedback we've received the past week includes:
1. Handling the demand with a lottery system next year
2. Doubling the price of tickets to reduce demand
3. Going underground and avoiding any publicity so
just folks who frequently check the site get to go
4. Not selling tickets to the general public at all
and just offering the tour to our sponsors, allowing
them to distribute tickets to their clients

We run the whole tour each year without any expenses.
Everything is donated so every dollar we raise can go
toward the after-school enrichment programs we fund at
Chapman and Beach Elementary schools. Because our goal
is to raise money for homeless children, we try to
sell as many tickets as we can and give out as few
freebies as possible. Most of our sponsors get only
two tickets each. We have 1,000 tickets that we sell
to the general public and then a separate batch of 200
tickets that go to sponsors, parent volunteers, and
the homeowners who participate in the tour.

The only tickets we have left are those set aside for
sponsors. I'm assuming you would not want to
participate as a sponsor. If you ever do, let me know,
and I can email you the sponsor info.

I am sorry you were unable to get tickets. I will
place your email addresses on the waiting list in case
tickets are returned to us. (A few purchasers who end
up busy on tour day turn their tickets back in so we
can re-sell them.)

The wait list is the best I can do,

Sherri Nee


Brian, just a little correction to give credit due - while Emily and I did a number of different finish-related projects for our house, the bulk of the construction credit should go to our general contractor, John Weed and WBS Construction, who patiently worked around us.

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